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Church, State And Individual Freedom: Countering The Religious Right’s ‘War On Women’

I spent Saturday afternoon in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol at the Unite Against the War on Women rally. Overcast skies and cooler-than-normal temperatures didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of this crowd. Attendees were determined to send a message: Americans won’t stand for an oppressive combination of church and state making our personal decisions for us.

Bruce F. Press Photography

Help Wanted (Christians Only): Taxpayer-Funded ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Proselytize And Discriminate In Hiring

This weekend, Americans will rally all over the country to speak out against what is being called the “War on Women.” Much of this “war” springs from fundamentalist Christian groups and the Roman Catholic hierarchy, which are determined to control the reproductive lives of Americans.

Naturally, this hits women the hardest. They are the ones who get pregnant, after all.