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The Bishops’ Lament: Losing Tax Money And Losing Public Support

The U.S. Catholic bishops met in New Orleans last week. I read an account of this meeting in the National Catholic Reporter last week, and two things struck me.

One, the bishops are really worried that they might lose the lucrative contracts they get from the federal government because of their increasingly out-of-step views on issues like LGBT rights and access to birth control.

Persecution Complex: Catholic Hierarchy, Religious Right Continue Heated Attack On Birth Control Mandate

A claim that someone is being persecuted by a government is not something to be taken lightly, but that accusation rings hollow when it comes to the Roman Catholic hierarchy and Religious Right’s fight for exemption from the Obama administration’s birth control mandate.

Backdoor Maneuver: Crafty Bishops Try To Repeal Birth Control Mandate

When Pope Francis made his first official address this week, he called upon his followers to serve the “poorest, weakest” of the world. If the activities of the bishops in the United States are any indication, however, that call could go unanswered.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, was asked yesterday by Today Show host Matt Lauer if women “have reason to be hopeful” now that Francis is in charge.

Contrary Clerics: Bishops Reject Latest Obama Olive Branch On Contraceptives

Yesterday the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a formal statement reacting to the Obama administration’s latest effort at compromise on birth control. To no one’s surprise, the bishops rejected the proposal.

As you might recall, federal regulations have been issued under the Affordable Care Act concerning what the types of coverage that health care plans must include. Contraceptives are, of course, on the list.

New Round, Old Fight: Why The Religious Right Rejects The Obama Compromise Over Birth Control

I continue to be amazed that in the year 2013 our nation continues to grapple with the issue of access to contraceptives, a matter most advanced nations laid to rest long ago.

On Friday, the Obama administration made another attempt to address the concerns of conservative religious employers who say they don’t want to provide birth control for employees. Once again, it’s not going well.

Seven Days Of Deception: TGIF, ‘School Choice Week’ Is Just About Over

“National School Choice Week” is winding down, and we’ve been treated to an avalanche of propaganda for vouchers, neo-vouchers and other expressions of so-called “educational choice.”

It’s all a lie, of course. This is not about “choice.” It’s about funding religious and other private schools with taxpayer dollars and ultimately destroying the public school system.

Bishops Behaving Badly: Catholic Prelates Preach Partisan Politics

Let’s say someone told you that voting for a certain candidate would be an “evil” act and that by casting your ballot for this candidate, you would in fact be furthering the cause of evil.

You would probably get the impression that the person who made these remarks was telling you not to vote for that candidate, right?

Pew Ado: Catholic Leaders Endorse Candidates Despite Growing Flock Objections

Are members of the Catholic hierarchy saying one thing and doing another when it comes to partisan politics?

In a document outlining “political responsibility” that was adopted by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2007, the bishops declared that the church is “involved in the political process but is not partisan” and “cannot champion any candidate.”