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Say You Want A Christian Nation?: Let’s Try This One

Last week an article began circulating on social media claiming that 57 percent of Republicans in a recent poll said they believe Christianity should be the country’s official religion.

I didn’t want to believe this at first. I figured it must be an internet poll, or one that relied on a confusing question.

Clergy To The Rescue: United Church Of Christ Challenges North Carolina’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

The Religious Right tends to view faith from a single narrow perspective, which explains its vociferous opposition to same-sex marriage.

Despite the horror stories Religious Right groups like to spread, no cleric in America has ever been compelled to officiate at a same-sex marriage. The First Amendment gives houses of worship the power to decide who qualifies for sacraments and religious ceremonies.

But what about the flipside? What about those ministers who may actually feel obligated by their faith to marry same-sex couples?