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State Legislatures Are Ready To Go, And So Are We! (And You Can Be, Too)

It’s January, and that means state legislatures around the country are coming back in session. As of today, legislatures in 27 states and two territories have gaveled in. Another six start tomorrow. We’ll be working to defend religious freedom in each one of them.

In fact, just a few days into January, we are already monitoring more than 160 bills that would affect religious freedom. These bills would create private school voucher programs, allow people and organizations to use religion to discriminate and unconstitutionally allow religion in public school curricula.

The State Legislatures Are Back In Session, And We’re Ready!

It’s January, which means state houses across the country are beginning to bustle. Legislators are coming back to the capitals to begin their sessions and governors are preparing their next moves. Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee and Virginia are among the states that have already convened and in the next few weeks, dozens more join them.