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A Global Movement: State Department Report Reveals Religious Right On The Rise

The State Department yesterday released its annual report on the status of religious freedom around the world. And the results are not particularly encouraging: The report concludes that the right to practice religion (or the lack thereof) freely, and without reprisal, is under threat around the globe.

Faith And Foreign Policy: New State Department Office Promotes ‘Religious Engagement’

The State Department’s newest office looks to religion for policy solutions.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry formally launched the Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives, to be headed by Wesley Theological Seminary’s Dr. Shaun Casey.

No Force In Religion: Muslim Scholars And Church-State Separation

This morning I met with 15 mostly Muslim scholars from Middle Eastern and African nations. The U.S. Department of State often brings these visitors to America to see the nation up close and promote understanding. If the guests express an interest in learning about the relationship between religion and state, Americans United is added to the agenda.