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Standing Down: Federal Court Denies Taxpayer Challenge To Funding Of Giant Cross

It’s frustrating when government officials divert taxpayer dollars for religious purposes. But it’s really exasperating when church-state separation activists are denied the right to challenge that funding in court.

Yet increasingly, that is what’s happening. Read more

The Old Rugged Tourist Attraction?: Public Funding Of Illinois Cross Restoration Sparks Lawsuit

For years, we’ve heard the Religious Right and its allies assert that the cross is a secular symbol, not a religious one, in order to get around the Constitution and keep Christian displays on public land.

We’ve always thought that argument was pretty ridiculous, but Religious Right activists keep trying. Here’s their latest proposal:  a cross is not a religious symbol, it’s a tourist attraction. Read more

Building Dependency: An Overlooked Danger Of Tax Aid To Religion

When I was a kid, our church decided it would be nice to have a social hall.

It was a pretty ambitious goal. We were a medium-sized congregation serving mostly blue-collar families in an economically depressed area. But the people sitting in the pews believed in the project and gave extra to support it. Kids like me even chipped in nickels and dimes. Read more