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Limbaugh Flunks History: Radio Ranter Spreads False Information About Church And State

I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh's radio program; I have more useful things to do, like sort my sock drawer. But I stumbled on a recent screed of his about church-state separation that was breath-taking in its ignorance of American history. Read more

Rewriting History, By George: Washington Recruited Into The Religious Right

George Washington, the patriotic legend has it, could not tell a lie. If only we could say the same about the propagandists of the Religious Right.

In an interview Monday with Focus on the Family Action's CitizenLink Daily Update, Religious Right activist Stephen Mansfield waxes eloquent about the religious character of our first president. Read more

Texas Testimony: Government Aid Compromises Religion, Says Baylor Prof.

Is church-state separation a threat to religion?

Of course not! But many Religious Right activists would have you believe it is. So it's encouraging to hear leading scholars correct the record.

In an April 11 article published at, church-state expert Derek Davis discusses with Faith and Beliefs columnist Vern Barnet some of the confusion about religion and government. Read more

Worshipping At The Wall?: AU And The 'Cult' Of Church-State Separation

Beware! If you are reading this, it might mean you're a member of a "cult" that seeks to tear down religion and destroy all that is good in America.

At least that's the view expressed in a recent letter to the editor in the conservative Washington Times newspaper. Letter writer David McGinley of McLean, Va., is entitled to his opinion, of course, but not his own set of facts. Unfortunately, his particulars go astray in more than a few places. Read more