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Mass. Public School Ends Baccalaureate Sponsorship Following AU Protest

A Massachusetts high school’s decades-old tradition of holding a baccalaureate ceremony in a church will cease thanks to an outspoken student and a complaint from Americans United.

Oakmont Regional High School in Ashburnham has traditionally held its pre-graduation ceremony, a baccalaureate, in one of four rotating churches — St. Denis Church, St. Edward the Confessor Church, the First Congregational Church of Westminster and People’s Church of Ashburnham. Oakmont Principal David Uminski said this has been the case for his entire time at the school.

Pomp And Circumvention: Graduating Senior Had No Right To Substitute Sermon For Speech, Says Court

Students break the rules and schools discipline them.

It's not a revolutionary concept, yet the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was forced to issue a ruling Friday that said just that.

The decision stemmed from a controversy over a graduation speech at a Colorado public high school, and the opinion reaffirms that school officials have every right to maintain religious neutrality at commencements.