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Dreaming Of Dr. King: Religious Right Attempts To Co-Opt Legacy Of Slain Civil Rights Leader

As years pass, historical figures start to get a little fuzzy around the edges. This is especially true of those men and women who loom large over public consciousness. Activist groups, eager to co-opt these important historical personages, start subtly rewriting history. Read more

Extremism Expunged: In Kansas, A Religious Right Hero Gets His Comeuppance

At the Religious Right’s recent Values Voter Summit, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange talked about how far-right attorneys general can undermine progressive policies in the states and promote extreme conservatism.

Strange might want to consult with a guy name Phill Kline before going too far with that.

Kline was Kansas’ attorney general from 2003-2007 and later district attorney in Johnson County. An extreme fundamentalist, he decided to spend much of his time harassing abortion providers. Read more

Ohio Course Correction: Lawmakers Drop Plan To Penalize Sex Ed Teachers – At Least For Now

The Religious Right never misses an opportunity to advance its agenda, even if that means stuffing its fundamentalist theology into a state budget bill.

Ohio lawmakers tried to add provisions that would defund Planned Parenthood and fine teachers up to $5,000 if they discuss certain kinds of sex education as part of the two-year state budget bill now under consideration. Read more

Messin’ With Texas: Religious Right Scheme Backfires In Lone Star State


Texas legislators had what they thought was a bright idea in 2011: cut $73 million in family planning funds.

Religious Right groups eagerly backed the scheme because some of the money was being funneled to Planned Parenthood, a common target for theocrats’ wrath. The Family Research Council (FRC) trumpeted Texas officials’ decision to “quit its partnership with the abortion tycoons.” Read more

Orange County Outrage: Supervisors May Divert Sex Ed Funds To Religious Group

Lock up the children! The Rev. Wiley Drake is on the loose again.

I'm sure you remember Drake, the controversial California pastor and media hound. Drake, a Southern Baptist, is perhaps best known for waging an "imprecatory prayer" campaign against Americans United and its staff (including me by name – thanks, Wiley!). Read more