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Salutes And Slogans: The Reckless Folly Of Mandatory Patriotism

Every few years, it seems, the issue of forced patriotism rears its ugly head in United States. Most recently, the issue surfaced again after a number of professional football players decided to “take a knee” rather than stand during the national anthem.

The players wanted to make a statement about racial injustice in America. They weren’t protesting the anthem for religious reasons, but an incident from 1940 during which a mandatory patriotic exercise was opposed on the grounds of religion is instructive.

Billboard Boorishness: Vandals Attack Secular Patriotic Message In North Carolina

As we head into the long weekend in celebration of the birth of our country, it’s a good time to remember how lucky we are that our Constitution guarantees us so many rights and freedoms.

One of these freedoms, of course, is the option to choose what faith to believe in, or to believe in nothing at all. Our Constitution protects and welcomes everyone, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or an atheist.