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Supreme Court Leaves Ban On Churches In Schools

New York City may continue to ban churches from renting public school facilities after the nation’s highest court refused to hear a challenge to the practice.

The Supreme Court’s refusal to act ends a 20-year legal battle over the ban. It is typically legal for churches to meet in public schools when class is not in session, but New York City enacted a policy banning worship and other activities, such as partisan political rallies and private parties, in public schools. Read more

Going Unclear: Scientology Program Infiltrates NY Public Schools

An anti-drug program rooted in Scientology entered at least 30 New York City public schools last year, according to DNAinfo. Even though that program, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, advertises itself as a rather innocuous “non-profit public benefit corporation,” in reality it is a church-sponsored project. Read more

Improper Influence: NYC Public Schools Bow To Church Rules On Sex Ed

New York state law mandates that public school students receive sex education and instruction about HIV/AIDS. But some students in New York City can’t get that vital information in their classrooms and have to go elsewhere for it.

Why is this so? It turns out that in the Big Apple, some public schools are operating in buildings owned by the Catholic Church. And the church hierarchy won’t allow this instruction on site. Read more

Land Plan Panned: N.Y. Governor’s Islamic Center ‘Compromise’ Draws Fire

There’s been a new development in the situation over the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.”

Yesterday, New York Gov. David Paterson came up with an idea that he felt would be a compromise in the recent uproar over the building of an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan. Read more