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Good News, Bad News: A Win And A Loss At The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is considering an important church-state case dealing with taxpayer funding of religious institutions. A decision in that case, Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, had not come down by the time this issue of Church & State went to press. However, on June 5 the high court did act in two cases of interest to Americans United.

There’s No Religious Freedom Right To Be Insubordinate In The Military

It was a busy morning at the Supreme Court. The high court handed down a decision in an important case dealing with religiously affiliated hospitals and employee pensions. We’ll have some analysis of that case later. For now, let’s take a look at a case that justices decided not to hear – Sterling v. United States.

False Martyrdom: Another Religious Right Horror Story Collapses

Editor’s Note: Yesterday a federal appeals court that deals with military issues handed down a ruling rejecting a case of claimed “religious persecution” brought by Monifa Sterling, a former U.S. Marine. Sterling’s case had been heralded by Religious Right groups as an instance of religious discrimination, but there was more to it. We are pleased to present two views on the case today.

Bradley Girard, Stephen Gey Fellow, AU Legal Department:

Undeniable Falsehoods: Religious Right Group Releases New Report On The ‘Persecution’ of American Christians

An up-and-coming Religious Right legal group has a new name and a new look. The Texas-based Liberty Institute has rebranded itself First Liberty, and it has inaugurated its fresh look with a newly-released report that purportedly proves the existence of a wave of hostility toward American Christians.