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Mich. Town Officials Vote To Stop Displaying Cross After AU Intervention

A Michigan city will stop displaying a large cross on a publicly owned hill in response to a complaint lodged by Americans United.

The decision was made during a Jan. 5 meeting of the Grand Haven City Council. The news website reported that the council voted 3-2 to end its policy of sporadically displaying the cross, which was often attached to a hydraulic lift.

So-Called ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Fails In Mich.

An attempt to pass a “religious freedom” bill in Michigan died after Senate Majority Leader Randy Rachardville did not let it come to a vote.

The bill had drawn the ire of LGBT rights groups, who argued that it would effectively legalize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Of particular concern was a provision that would have allowed adoption agencies to discriminate against families headed by same-sex couples.

Not The Justice League: Conservative Coalition Unites To Defend Michigan Same-Sex Marriage Ban

The fate of Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban will soon be determined by the courts. In March, a judge struck the ban down, calling it unconstitutional. Michigan’s attorney general, Bill Schuette, immediately filed an appeal—and he’s recently attracted some new allies.

The People Speak: Parents With Children In School Say No To Vouchers

For years, anti-public school interest groups that favor privatization schemes have smacked their lips and salivated as they’ve contemplated the demise of public education.

But a funny thing happened: The people who actually rely on public education – America’s parents – aren’t buying it.

Halting Harassment: Public School Efforts To Protect Students Run Into Religious Right Bullies

Many public schools are finally taking an overdue look at the problem of bullying. A number of state legislatures have even weighed in to address the issue.

That’s good news. After all, it’s impossible for a young person to do well in school if he or she is being bullied or is worried about being bullied.