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‘Bible Bus’ Removed From Mich. Public School Property

A camper operated by Bible Club Ministries has been removed from Hudsonville South Elementary School in Hudsonville, Mich., following citizen complaints.

Students attended Bible study in the camper during lunch and recess periods. Photos obtained by local secular activist Mitch Kahle show the vehicle parked in the school parking lot; the side of the camper read “Public education can also include the Bible.”

Reasonable Settlement

For the past six years, visitors to the city hall of Warren, Mich., have encountered something few municipal buildings have: a large booth marked “Prayer Station.”

Staffed four days a week, the prayer booth offers spiritual counseling and religious literature to those visiting the building. City officials justified it by saying that residents of the economically challenged municipality need a pick-me-up.

Mich. Town Officials Vote To Stop Displaying Cross After AU Intervention

A Michigan city will stop displaying a large cross on a publicly owned hill in response to a complaint lodged by Americans United.

The decision was made during a Jan. 5 meeting of the Grand Haven City Council. The news website reported that the council voted 3-2 to end its policy of sporadically displaying the cross, which was often attached to a hydraulic lift.

So-Called ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Fails In Mich.

An attempt to pass a “religious freedom” bill in Michigan died after Senate Majority Leader Randy Rachardville did not let it come to a vote.

The bill had drawn the ire of LGBT rights groups, who argued that it would effectively legalize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Of particular concern was a provision that would have allowed adoption agencies to discriminate against families headed by same-sex couples.

The People Speak: Parents With Children In School Say No To Vouchers

For years, anti-public school interest groups that favor privatization schemes have smacked their lips and salivated as they’ve contemplated the demise of public education.

But a funny thing happened: The people who actually rely on public education – America’s parents – aren’t buying it.

Halting Harassment: Public School Efforts To Protect Students Run Into Religious Right Bullies

Many public schools are finally taking an overdue look at the problem of bullying. A number of state legislatures have even weighed in to address the issue.

That’s good news. After all, it’s impossible for a young person to do well in school if he or she is being bullied or is worried about being bullied.