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What’s In A Name?: Tenn. Judge Changes Baby’s Moniker Because It Could Offend Christians

We have so much freedom in the United States, that you can name your child almost anything you want (just ask little Adolf Hitler Campbell). But one judge in Tennessee has decided to draw the line for a baby named “Messiah” because it could be offensive to Christians. Read more

Hallelujah, Holladay!: Utah Town Drops Sponsorship Of 'Messiah' Sing-a-long

Years back, I was one of those high school students who took chorus for the easy "A" -- despite my complete inability to carry a tune.

I'd sit on the back riser chatting with my friends as our choral director passed around the sheet music for classical arias, modern a cappella renditions of old Queen ballads, songs from Annie Get Your Gun and the "Hallelujah Chorus." Read more