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Licensing God?: Georgia’s Deity Decision Could Be Just Peachy – If You Vote

I know it's almost July, but Georgia has me thinking about Christmas. Though I’m as secular as they come, I love myself some cinematic Christmas cheer. Each year, I watch as Clarence Odbody AS2 finally earns his wings and as Tim Allen contractually but reluctantly takes up Santa’s reins. Read more

Plates On The Table: S.C. Clergy Urge Judge To Block Sectarian License Plates

Today a federal judge in Columbia, S.C., will hear arguments about the South Carolina state legislature's decision to issue a special "Christian" license plate. Read more

Turbulent Tag: Minister Says South Carolina Should Drop Christian License Plate

This July 4, the Rev. Dr. Neal Jones, a plaintiff in AU's lawsuit involving the "I Believe" license plates, reminded South Carolinians of our Founding Fathers' hope to preserve religious liberty for all. Read more

You've Got (Hate) Mail!: South Carolina Lawsuit Sparks Barrage Of Correspondence From AU's Religious Right Friends

Along with ensuring religious liberty, the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech. Thanks to the Internet, people can exercise their freedom of speech faster than ever, and Americans United heard from a bevy of them yesterday after we filed a lawsuit in South Carolina against the state's new "I Believe" license plate. Read more

South Carolina's Christian License Plate: 'I Believe' This Is A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

I frequently see people driving around in cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. who want me to know about their strong Christian faith. Their bumper stickers proclaim it, as do their little Christian fish symbols. I even saw a guy this weekend who felt compelled to make a giant fish symbol out of reflective tape for his door.

It's fine with me. It's your car, so go ahead and use it to spread whatever message you like.

But understand that the government can't help you. Thus, putting a cross on a state license plate goes too far. Read more