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A Step Forward In Kansas: County Commission Drops Sectarian Invocations

Last month, the Americans United Legal Department sent a letter to the Reno County Commission in Kansas. A resident of that area had been attending Commission meetings and noticed that just about all of them opened with Christian prayer. That didn’t seem right, so this person contacted us.

Sure enough, our attorneys did some research and found that Christian prayers were used nearly 90 percent of the time to open these government meetings. They promptly wrote a letter to the Commission, letting its members know that this was very problematic from a constitutional standpoint.

A Tale Of Two States: Kansas Opts For Government-Sponsored Religion, While Hawaii Respects Diversity

This month, new officials across the country are taking office and getting ready for their chance to govern.

How they start off their term often sends a strong message about their respect for church-state separation and religious diversity. Unfortunately, some officials don’t bother to follow the constitutional principle at all.