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Presidential Piety: Obama’s Faith Is In The Public Eye Again

News that President Obama did not attend Christmas church services has reignited a public debate over the president’s true religious affiliation. The New York Times reports that in lieu of church, Obama celebrated the holiday by singing carols, opening presents with his family and greeting soldiers at a local military base in his birth state, Hawaii.

Publicly Funded Presidential Prayers?: Former ‘Faith-Based’ Office Director Releases Book Of Daily Devotionals

If you’ve ever wondered about the spiritual life of President Obama (and I bet you have), the former head of his Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships has a real treat for you in his new book of daily devotionals.

Head Of White House ‘Faith-Based’ Office Announces Departure


Joshua DuBois, head of the White House’s Office of Faith-based and Neigh­borhood Partnerships, stepped down from the position in early February.

President Barack Obama announc­ed DuBois’ departure while speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast Feb. 7.

“Every morning he sends me via email a daily meditation – a snippet of scripture for me to reflect on,” Obama told attendees at the breakfast. “And it has meant the world to me.”

Silent Treatment: Obama Faith-Based Official Meets With Bible Society Rep, But Ignores Civil Rights Advocates

For four years now, Americans United has been urging President Barack Obama to fix the “faith-based” initiative.

In all honesty, “fix” is not our preferred word. We’d rather the administration end the faith-based initiative. But we know that’s not likely to happen, so we’ve been urging the president and his advisors to make some fundamental changes.