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Measure Of Justice: Remembering The Battle Over Robert Bork

I know it’s not considered polite to speak ill of the dead, but I’m going to bend that rule today to comment on Robert H. Bork, the former federal appeals court judge and failed Supreme Court candidate who died yesterday. Read more

Fundamentalist Football: Liberty University ‘Champions’ Have A Game Plan To Run Your Life

I’m not really a fan of professional or college sports and don’t normally look at the Sports page of the newspaper. But a recent New York Times piece about Liberty University’s football program did catch my eye. Read more

Moon Shadow: Unification Church Founder Mesmerized Religious Right, Members Of Congress

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, self-proclaimed messiah, founder of the Unification Church and funder of various Religious Right political causes, died on Monday.

Moon, who was 92, was familiar to many Americans because of the rather esoteric beliefs of his church – the mass weddings, the flower sellers on the streets and the allegations that the church was really a “cult.” Read more

Christmas In June: Santa (Monica) Delivers A Nice Gift

It might not seem much like Christmas time – with temperatures in Washington, D.C., approaching 100 degrees – but we got an early present courtesy of the Santa Monica City Council.

The California community decided recently to prohibit all unattended displays in a public park in reaction to the stir some of those displays caused in December 2011. Read more

Santa Monica Should Reject Religious Right Legal Group’s Bad Advice On Holiday Displays, Says Americans United

City Policy Promoting Religion Would Lead To Costly Lawsuits, Church-State Watchdog Says

If the Santa Monica City Council adopts a holiday display policy recommended by a Religious Right legal group, lawsuits are certain to follow, according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State said today.  Read more