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Around The World: India Court Strikes Down Islamic Instant Divorce

Muslim men in India will no longer be able to divorce their wives simply by reciting a phrase three times, thanks to a recent 3-2 ruling by the country’s Supreme Court.

 In some versions of Islam, one of the ways Muslim men can divorce their wives is by repeating an Arabic phrase that translates as “You’re divorced” three times in a row. The practice, known as the “triple talaq,” has been condemned by many Muslims as an outdated and one-sided practice; some have criticized it because only men have the option to verbally divorce a spouse.

Freedom vs. Fear: Restricting Religious Liberty Isn't The Answer To Terrorism

Last week, a community meeting was held in Spotsylvania County, Va., to discuss plans by a group of Muslims who want to relocate and expand an Islamic center where they have been worshipping for 15 years.

What should have been a routine matter of zoning turned ugly when two men in the audience began hurling insults.

Global Issues: U.S. Charities Proselytize Overseas Using Public Funds

It’s unconstitutional for faith-based organizations (FBOs) to proselytize using public funds, but some FBOs manage to circumvent these rulings by conducting their evangelistic charity projects overseas. In a recent article for Firstpost, an Indian website, Rupa Subramanya argues that this may begin to strain foreign relations, just as it strains the boundaries of constitutional law.