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Curriculum Cleanup: Louisiana Parish Bars Creationism From Public Schools

Louisiana officials have often been far from favorable when it comes to church-state separation, so today we are particularly happy to salute school officials in Orleans Parish for doing the right thing.

This week, the Orleans Parish School Board voted to reject any science textbook “which presents creationism or intelligent design as science or scientific theories.”

Educational Swamp: Lawsuits Target Louisiana’s New School Voucher Law

Americans United has been closely following developments in Louisiana, where Gov. Bobby Jindal pushed a series of education bills, including a private school voucher plan, through the legislature.

Louisiana is in a heck of a fix. The state’s commitment to public education has always been lukewarm at best. Part of the problem is government officials have long been obsessed with finding ways to siphon money into the coffers of religious (mostly Catholic) schools. This goes all the way back to the days of Huey Long.

Educational Swamp: Louisiana Governor Pushes Voucher Bills

Louisiana has an incredibly bad record when it comes to taxpayer aid to religious schools.

Back in the 1920s, Gov. Huey Long pushed a bill through the legislature giving textbooks to Catholic schools at taxpayer expense. The state has been the site of repeated efforts to siphon tax dollars away from public schools into the coffers of religious schools ever since.