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Air Force Chaplain Says ‘True’ Christian Service Members Can’t Support Rights Of Non-Christians

Military chaplains should be prepared to serve the religious and spiritual needs of a diverse community of troops, but one evangelical Christian Air Force chaplain in Ohio apparently has a problem supporting the rights of people of different faiths.

Ex-Navy Chaplain Loses Legal Fight Over Dismissal

Gordon James Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain who clashed with his superiors over his fundamentalist views, has lost his legal battle to vacate his court martial and win back pay.

In November, the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., found that the Navy acted in accordance with the law after it disciplined Klingenschmitt in 2006 for appearing in uniform at a right-wing rally in Washington. He was later dismissed from the Navy.

Election Reflection: No Matter Who Is Running What, We’ll Keep Defending The Wall

Religious Right groups are crowing about the results of yesterday’s elections, and they have reason to: There’s no doubt that the next Congress is going to be more welcoming to right wingers who are obsessed with social issues.

With so many more far-right conservatives coming into Congress, it’s inevitable that we’ll see a ramping up of the “culture wars.” That’s unfortunate because I doubt that’s what most people were voting for yesterday.

Unleashing Leviticus: Religious Right Rants Over Change In Military’s DADT Policy

On Saturday, the U.S. Senate voted to repeal the so-called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that banned openly gay and lesbian Americans from serving in the armed forces. The Religious Right is not pleased.

To hear Religious Right leaders tell it, the end is nigh. How soon before the North Koreans come rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue?