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Awesome Awardee: W. Va. Student Who Stood Up For Separation Wins Prestigious Scholarship

This blog is often the bearer of bad news – we may report about a public school district trying to teach creationism, an attack on LGBT rights by a Religious Right group, an effort by a large and powerful church to secure tax funding for its private school system, etc.

But today’s story is good news. It may, in fact, even warm your heart a little.

Let’s set the stage a bit: In April of 2013, a senior at George Washington High School in Charleston, W.Va., was dismayed after school officials invited a speaker to come in and talk about “God’s plan for sexual purity.”

Sex Scandal: Brave W. Va. Student Challenges Inaccurate Sexuality Lecture

Recently I had occasion to talk with Ellery Schempp, the plaintiff in the landmark 1963 school prayer and Bible reading case Abington Township School District v. Schempp. The 50th anniversary of that ruling is in June, and we’ll have a story about the case in the forthcoming May issue of Church & State.