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Choice, Not Coercion

At Gulf Coast High School in Naples, Fla., some students regularly spend part of their Friday lunch breaks in the gym. But they aren’t playing games. They’re attending weekly prayer “huddles” with the school’s chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

“You’re in class all day, then you come in here, and you get a little bit of God and the rest of your day is lighter,” student Lukas Masterson told The Banner, a local paper.

Harvesting 'Fields Of Faith': Christian Athletes Proselytize Students At Public Schools

Growing up in Ohio, I was pretty oblivious to the fact that students at my high school were anything but Christian. I just assumed that everyone was but me.

That's because students met for Bible studies club, or some of my friends would talk about their church's youth group. The students who weren't Christian never really brought up religion at all.

Looking back, I realize now that I actually went to high school with a slightly more diverse crowd than I knew. I wish I had known that then – I would have felt a little less like an outcast.