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We’ve Spent The Past Year Fending Off Donald Trump’s Attacks On Religious Freedom

A year ago, when Donald Trump and Mike Pence were elected to the highest offices in the land, Americans United warned of the many threats this administration posed to church-state separation. We promised that if any of those threats came to fruition, we would be ready to fight back and defend religious freedom.

New President, New Congress, New Challenges

Donald J. Trump’s surprising presidential victory has sparked anxiety among religious and non-religious minorities, wo­men, the LGBTQ community and others.  Lots of people are speculating about the challenges on the horizon for the next four years.

Regardless of whether or not Trump was merely playing the role of a devout Christian to stock up on votes, one thing to know for sure is that the Religious Right is expecting a lot from him in return – and he’s already hard at work returning the favor.

Coming To Grips With The Trump Presidency: How Bad Will It Be?

Donald J. Trump, a real estate developer and reality TV star with no political experience, was elected pres­ident of the United States Nov. 8. This has shocked people all over the world, and political analysts are still grappling with how Trump beat Hillary Clinton, a seasoned politician who was leading in the polls.

Americans United is wrestling with a more fundamental question: What does the rise of Trump mean for the separation of church and state?

Payback Time

In the middle of October, Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, and a member of Donald J. Trump’s Religious Advisory Council, penned a column for the online Christian Post in which he discussed the Republican nominee’s spiritual life.

“I know for a fact that the Gospel has been shared with Mr. Trump,” Graham wrote. “He has been confronted with his sin. He has heard God’s truth and has been offered grace and forgiveness.

Here Are Some Interesting State Races You Might Have Missed

Yesterday, AU’s Communications Director Rob Boston wrote a blog post about the Religious Right-empowered issues the United States may face if the Trump administration implements some of its campaign’s talking points, and Legislative Director Maggie Garrett discussed the results of some ballot referenda.

Anti-Semitism Rears An Ugly Head During Campaign 2016

We have spoken out about Islamophobia a lot during this election season, but there’s another bad trend under way that shouldn’t be overlooked: a rising tide of anti-Semitism.

The phenomenon has manifested itself in a variety of ways – whether it’s through anti-Semitic graphics or attacks on reporters who are Jewish or perceived to be Jewish.  

Tale Of The Tape: The Religious Right Flunks An Ethics Test

When you live long enough, the people you’ve connected with even briefly have a tendency to return.

In the aftermath of the reprehensible videotape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush discussing women in the crassest possible terms, I was surprised to hear the views of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and Texas pastor Robert Jeffress.