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Bad Deal: Ga. Governor Says Return Bibles To State Park Rooms – And Other Scriptures Too!

Should Georgia state government promote religion? Of course not. That’s not the government’s job.

But some state officials seem to be taking on the task anyway. Gov. Nathan Deal this week ordered the state Department of Natural Resources to return Bibles to cabins and lodge rooms at state parks. Read more

Secular Salutation: Georgia County Survives Non-Religious Invocation

I've been online today scanning news sites to see if Cobb County, Ga., has been struck by an earthquake, a hurricane or perhaps a plague of frogs. Apparently, this has not happened.

I'm surprised. Last night, a guy named Ed Buckner gave a secular invocation at a meeting of the Cobb County Commission. To hear some followers of the Religious Right tell it, if you dare to give any invocation that fails to mention Jesus Christ, look out! Your community will feel divine wrath.

I doubt Ed's invocation mentioned Jesus. He is, after all, the president of American Atheists. Read more