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AU Continues The Legal Fight Against President Trump’s Unconstitutional Muslim Ban

Late on Friday, Americans United entered the legal battle against Muslim Ban 2.0: We filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the State of Hawaii in seeking a temporary restraining order against President Donald J. Trump’s second executive order restricting Muslim immigration.

AU Joins 85 Non-Profits To Tell Trump: Keep The Johnson Amendment’s Protections

Today, Americans United joined a letter with 85 other non-profit organizations to voice our opposition to President Donald J. Trump’s plan to “get rid of and totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment.

Standing With Our Muslim Neighbors: How You Can Be An Ally

Americans United partnered with the Bridge Initiative yesterday to host a Facebook Live discussion, “Standing With Our Muslim Neighbors.”

Things To Watch For In Trump’s First Address To Congress

President Donald J. Trump will address a joint session of Congress tonight. Technically not a State of the Union address (the President does not give a State of the Union address until his second year in office), Trump will be setting out his vision and goals for his new administration.

New Poll Shows Support For Muslim Ban Declining – Except Among White Evangelical Christians

While President Donald J. Trump reportedly is expected to issue a new executive order impacting immigration on Wednesday, a newly released poll shows support for temporarily banning Muslims from entering the United States is declining among most Americans except for one group: white evangelical Christians.

Trump Administration Revokes Guidance On Civil Rights Protections For Transgender Students

Last night the Trump administration officially revoked an Obama-era guidance reminding public schools that a provision in a 1972 federal law known as Title IX prohibits discrimination against transgender students, including denying them access to the restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

Southern Baptist Convention Leader Under Fire for Criticizing Trump

A Southern Baptist Convention leader who criticized members of the Religious Right for supporting Donald Trump for president now faces a backlash from some conservative evangelicals.

Russell Moore, who leads the convention’s policy-making and lobbying arm known as the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), cautioned conservative Chris­tians that Trump’s words and actions relating to women, families, minorities and other issues were inconsistent with their values.

The D.C. Demonstration: Taking Steps To Ensure That Human Rights March Forward

Occasionally I am asked how I got interested in church-state separation. Mandatory school prayer was common when I was in public schools, and that was part of it. I didn’t personally object to the content – the prayers were Christian and so was I. But then one of my closest friends, who was Jewish, told me how uncomfortable the daily ritual made him feel. I was, therefore, happy when the Supreme Court invalidated official school prayer in 1962 and we didn’t have to recite them anymore.