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Addition Of Cross To California County Seal Sparks Controversy

A proposed change to the Los Angeles County, Calif., seal that would incorporate a religious symbol has led to a war of words between a county official and a newspaper’s editorial board.

The Los Angeles County seal has long contained a variety of symbols, including a representation of the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, a Catholic mission founded in the 18th century. Read more

Keyser, WV

AU received a complaint that the Mineral County Commission granted permission to a local church to place a seven-foot cross on the lawn of the Mineral County Courthouse from March 17 to March 24 in order to commemorate the Easter holiday. In a letter objecting to the plan, AU explained that the display would send the unequivocal message that one religion, Christianity, enjoys favored status with the government of Mineral County. The cross was not erected. Read more

Cross Purposes: Battle Over Religious Symbol Ends Happily In Arizona Town

On Monday, "The Wall of Separation" explored a flap over a cross being displayed at a government building in Camp Verde, Ariz., a small city of about 10,000 in the central part of the state.

As Sandhya Bathija noted, the town council was due to deliberate the matter; she expressed hope that its members would make the right decision.

Today I'm happy to report that they did. Read more

Camp Controversy: Arizona Town Debates Display Of Cross

Here at Americans United, we always know that the fight to preserve church-state separation is never easy.

That's why we aren't surprised by what's going on in Camp Verde, Ariz., where many citizens are making quite a stir because a cross was removed from a government building. Read more