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National School Choice Week: It’s Really About Vouchers

Yesterday marked the start of “National School Choice Week.” Although some of the groups and individuals behind this annual event are interested in things like charter schools and public school choice, it’s mainly a vehicle for promoting private school voucher plans.

Vouchers, of course, aren’t really about choice. Oh, there’s choice, all right – for the schools. They get to decide which students they will admit. They get to decide what to teach them. They get to decide who will teach there. They get to decide if they want to impose theology onto students.  

AU Counters Pro-Voucher Propaganda During ‘School Choice Week’

When school voucher advocates announced that Jan. 27-Feb. 2 would be “National School Choice Week,” Americans United knew just what to do: counter outrageous voucher claims with the facts.

Americans United created a special section for its website,, titled “‘School Choice Week’: A Dose Of Facts Debunks Voucher Propaganda.” The section contained links to several articles that challenged the claims of voucher advocates.