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Law Enforcement: N.C. Police Chaplains Told Not To Invoke Christ In Official Prayers

Chaplains offering prayers on behalf of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina have been told to stop mentioning Jesus’ name in official invocations.

The policy has been in place for about one month, according to the Charlotte Observer, and it applies to police events such as academy graduations, as well as for promotions and memorials.

Commandments Clash: Va. County Has One Last Chance To Avoid A Lawsuit – And Should Take It

Public education officials in Giles County, Va., can’t say they weren’t warned.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) wrote to school officials recently telling them to remove Ten Commandments displays from the schools. The officials were also advised by their own attorney to take down the religious posters.

At first, they did. But when members of the community complained, the school board voted to put the Ten Commandments back into the schools.

Genesis Of Controversy: Report On Gideons' Bible Distribution Is A Revelation

When I was in college, we could always tell when the relentless western Pennsylvania winter was finally losing its grip by two key events: A roving evangelist would appear on campus and scream at women he thought were immodestly attired, and the Gideons would stand outside the cafeteria and pass out copies of the New Testament.

I didn't mind taking one. After all, I was an adult and it was my choice. But in looking it over, I noticed one thing: The first few pages emphasized the passage John 3:16. Many fundamentalists see this verse as the key to becoming "born again."

Math Lesson: Scofflaw Florida School District's Legal Expenses Add Up

With public schools facing budget cuts, most school officials are looking for ways to spread each dollar as far as it can go.

One would think that means the school would us that money to pay teachers, improve the curriculum, maintain the building and buy school supplies. That's probably what Santa Rosa County School District would prefer to do as well, except, they failed to follow sound constitutional advice and now must use precious public funds on attorneys' fees.

Slow Learners: ACLU Sues Louisiana School Board – Again

There are certain things you can count on.   The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Old Faithful will erupt.   And, every few years, the American Civil Liberties Union will sue the Tangipahoa Parish School Board in Louisiana.

The members of this board seem to be having difficulty grasping the concept of separation of church and state. It's a long-running problem. For some reason, school board members don't seem to understand that their job is to oversee the education of young people, not meddle in their religious lives.