School District Scraps Prayers at Graduation and Endorsement of Baccalaureate Ceremony at AU’s Urging - Erie, PA

AU received a complaint that Northwestern Senior High invites a clergyperson to deliver an invocation and benediction at its graduation ceremonies, and that the school advertises a religious baccalaureate service for graduates using its website. AU wrote to the school district to ask that it remove prayer from its graduation ceremony and that the school end all involvement with advertising or planning the baccalaureate service. The school district agreed to both requests.

No More Invocations or Benedictions at High School Graduation - Erie, PA

North East High School asked its senior-class officers to deliver an invocation and benediction at graduation. As these terms commonly refer to prayers, AU wrote to the school to ask that they be discontinued. The school informed us that the terms were archaic and that the speeches had been purely secular for some years. AU reviewed copies of the most recent speeches and confirmed that they were indeed secular. In the meantime, the school agreed that it would stop calling these speeches invocation and benediction.

Public School Reaffirms That Religion Not Necessary to Understanding Curriculum - Boerne, TX

A public school teacher posted a religious quote from St. Augustine—“Unless you believe, you will not understand”—on her official school website. Students and parents routinely accessed the website to obtain course information and assignments. AU wrote to the school to explain that the inclusion of a religious message on an official school website raised serious constitutional issues. The school removed the quote from the website.

AU Stops Graduation Prayers - Saegertown, PA

The senior-class officers at Saegertown High School were asked by school officials to choose a classmate to deliver an invocation and benediction at graduation. AU wrote to the school district asking that the prayers be discontinued. The district agreed to stop the prayers and to stop using the terms invocation and benediction, not only at Saegertown, but also at all schools in the district.

AU Stops Proselytizing Activities and Bible Distribution at Public School - Blue Eye, MO

AU received complaints about several religious activities at an elementary school, including a proselytizing speech by an invited speaker at the school’s open house, the school’s principal urging the open-house audience to attend church, and the distribution of Bibles to fifth-grade students. Upon receiving AU’s letter of objection, the school district indicated that the proselytizing speaker will not be invited back and that there will be no further distribution of Bibles to students.

Several Religious Graduation Issues Resolved by AU Letter - Stokes County, NC

The graduation ceremonies for several high schools within a particular school district for many years have featured Invocations and Benedictions delivered by students selected by the schools. After receiving complaints, AU wrote to the schools and asked that these official prayers be removed from the ceremonies. The schools agreed to remove the prayers and that they would neither place limits on what other students speakers could say nor review their speeches, ensuring that the schools would not guide student speakers towards prayer.

School District Educates Administrators at AU’s Request to Ensure No More Prayers at School Events - Dallas, TX

AU received a complaint that a local school district featured a prayer at its mandatory annual convocation for district faculty and staff, as well as for the president of the high-school’s student council. The prayer at the most recent convocation was delivered by a member of the School Board. AU wrote to the district and asked that it ensure that future convocations are free of prayers or other religious content. The school district agreed with this request, and also conducted a legal seminar for school administrators on issues of religion in the public schools.

Student, With AU Assist, Ends Public-School Employee Prayers with Band and Football Team - Statesboro, GA

A high-school student complained of several instances of school employees either encouraging students to pray or participating in prayer with students, particularly in the band and football programs. AU wrote to the school, explaining that such actions are unconstitutional and asking the school to put a stop to them. The school initially denied that faculty initiated or participated in prayers, but we then learned that the band prayers had stopped.

Elementary School’s Sign No Place for Religion, Says AU - Springville, IN

A sign displayed in front of Springville Elementary School often contained religious content, including phrases such as “Jesus Loves You.” AU wrote to the school to explain that the school’s promotion of religious messages on school property was unconstitutional. The school informed us that the messages have been removed.

AU Ensures That Prisoners Are Allowed A Broad Selection of Literature - Alcorn, MS

A county jail allowed inmates to have three books with them while in jail, but required that one of those books be a Bible. When AU wrote to object, the county sheriff contended that this was not the case. However, a website apparently affiliated with the jail prominently displayed the requirement. When AU pointed this out, the sheriff informed us that this website was not officially affiliated with the county, and had the offending portion of the website removed.