Troup, TX

AU received a complaint that a public high school in Texas was promoting (and effectively planning to operate) a Christian abstinence-only education program at two local churches. The seven-week course, entitled “True Love Waits,” requires students to commit to God and pledge sexual purity until they enter a Bible-based marriage. Although the program was to be held during the school day at two local churches, District-employed teachers — who wanted to “share their faith” with students — were set to be instructors, the District distributed fliers promoting the course, and the District planned to transport students to the churches using District-owned school buses. In addition, the District promised students that they would not have to make up any schoolwork missed while attending the course. AU wrote a letter advising the District that its involvement with the course violated the Establishment Clause, and asking that the District either cancel the program or entirely disassociate from it. The District superintendent quickly responded, informing AU that the course had been cancelled and that the District would not be involved in any similar programs in the future.