Colville, WA

AU received a complaint regarding a planned “Power Team” assembly at a junior high school. “The Power Team” is a thoroughly religious organization that describes itself as a “strength based ministry specializing in growing churches through Family-Focused Evangelism.” The group’s website boasts that “2-3 out of every ten attending accept Jesus,” and that its presentation is one of the most “[p]owerful, [i]mpacting, and [e]ffective presentations of the Gospels in the [w]orld.” AU wrote a letter to the school district, noting that, although the group’s public-school presentations generally involve secular themes like self-esteem and character education, The Power Team often uses these performances to encourage students to attend after-school Christian events. The letter explained that allowing the group to use a school-sponsored assembly as a platform to invite students to a religious event is unconstitutional. In response to AU’s letter, the District specifically warned the group not to include any religious content in its presentation or to invite students to attend off-campus religious events.