Bush Faith-based Effort Gives Official Blessing To Religious Discrimination

President Circumvents Congress, Allows Tax Dollars To Go To Religious Groups That Discriminate

Today President George W. Bush is scheduled to announce sweeping policy directives that require federal agencies to award funds and government contracts to churches and other religious groups, even if they discriminate in hiring with the money.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which has spearheaded the opposition to Bush's "faith-based" initiative, denounced the move. Read more

New Ohio Science Standards Open The Door To Creationist Religious Instruction, Americans United Charges

National Groups Vows To Go To Court To Fight Any Attempt To Interject Religion Into Ohio Public School Science Classes

Ohio's Board of Education has adopted new science standards that approve "critical analysis" of evolution in the state's public schools, terminology critics say is code language for creationism. Read more

Lawsuit Challenges Discriminatory Prater Policy Of Chesterfield County Board Of Supervisors

Rights Groups Say Prayer Policy Excludes Some Faiths, Violates Church-State Separation

Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia today filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Chesterfield County, Va., Board of Supervisors for maintaining a discriminatory policy on prayer before its meetings. Read more

Bush's 'compassionate Conservative' Agenda Driven By Politics, Not Policy, Says Former White House Staffer

Ex-'Faith Czar' DiIulio Criticizes 'Reign Of The Mayberry Machiavelli s'

The Bush administration emphasizes politics over policy and has failed to advance its highly touted "compassionate conservative" agenda, the former head of the White House "faith-based" office has charged.  Read more

Statement On Death Of Glenn Archer, First Au Executive Director

November 21, 2002

Dr. Glenn L. Archer, the first executive director of Americans United who led the organization for nearly three decades, died on Friday, Nov. 15 at the age of 96.
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Federal Court Strikes Down Ten Commandments Display At Alabama Supreme Court

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore's Religious Crusade Dealt Legal Setback

A federal court in Alabama today struck down display of a Ten Commandments monument at the state supreme court building in Montgomery, declaring that the religious sculpture violates the First Amendment's church-state separation provisions.
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Pennsylvania Congressman Drops Out Of Religious Extremist Conference After Au Protest

Rep. Pitts, House GOP Liaison To Religious Right, Tells Reporters He 'Doesn't Believe In Stoning Anybody'

Rep. Joseph R. Pitts (R-Pa.), who had been scheduled to speak this weekend to a radical fundamentalist group that seeks to impose "biblical law" on the nation, announced yesterday that he has cancelled his appearance.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State wrote to Pitts on Tuesday, urging the congressman to withdraw from the event to avoid lending credibility to a group that "advocates extreme policies that run counter to our Constitution and the American way of life."
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Appellate Court Nominee Mcconnell Clears Senate Judiciary Panel Despite Radical Church-state Agenda

Nominee Unfit For Federal Appeals Court, Says AU's Lynn

Americans United for Separation of Church and State today criticized the Senate Judiciary Committee for approving University Of Utah law professor Michael W. McConnell's nomination to a federal appeals court despite McConnell's radical views on church-state separation.
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Americans United Urges Pennsylvania Congressman To Drop Out Of Religious Extremist Conference

House GOP Liaison To Religious Right Scheduled To Share Podium With Speakers Who Favor Executing Juvenile Delinquents, Gays And Abortion Providers

Rep. Joseph R. Pitts (R-Pa.) should drop his plans to speak this weekend before a radical fundamentalist group that seeks to impose "biblical law" on the nation, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Pitts, who serves as the House Republican leadership's liaison to religious conservatives, is scheduled to speak at a conference of the National Reform Association in Ephrata, Pa. Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn sent Pitts a letter yesterday asking him to bow out.
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Religious Right's Political Power May Grow As Result Of 2002 Elections, Says Americans United

Because Movement's Favored Candidates Fared Well On Election Day, Religious Right Will Want Political Payback, Says AU's Lynn

Candidates supported by the Religious Right won a significant number of congressional and gubernatorial races in 2002, and those victories are likely to translate into increased political power for the fundamentalist Christian movement, according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United, said the Religious Right will be looking for political payback for its work on behalf of Republican candidates nationwide. Read more