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Public schools serve children from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds. The classroom is an inappropriate place for school-sponsored worship. School officials should not prescribe prayers or teach religious doctrines, such as creationism, in the classroom.

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January 2017 Church & State

A Grimm Struggle

A Virginia High School Student’s Fight For Transgender Rights Has Reached The Supreme Court

November 2016 Church & State

Offside And Out Of Bounds

The Supreme Court Struck Down Coercive Forms Of Public School Prayer 54 Years Ago, But Some Coaches Are Playing By Their Own Rules

October 2016 Church & State

Skousen's Scandalous Schools

Americans United Files Suit To Stop A String Of Taxpayer -Funded Ariz. Charters From Preaching Religion

September 2016 Church & State

Required Worship

Recalling The Bad Old Days Of Mandatory Religion In Public Schools

September 2016 Church & State

Darrow In Dayton?

Ninety-One Years After The Famous ‘Monkey Trial,’ Clarence Darrow May Be Returning To Rhea County, Tenn.