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Marriage, reproduction and other privacy issues are some of the intimate and personal matters affecting Americans. As much as possible, decisions about these issues should be left to the individual. Government must refrain from basing policy in these areas on any group's theology. Laws in this area should reflect secular rationales and, as much as possible, respect private choice and individual rights.

PROTECT THY NEIGHBOR is Americans United's campaign to prevent the use of religion to discriminate against and otherwise cause harm to individuals, including religious objections to marriages and religion-based restrictions on women's healthcare. » FIND OUT MORE HERE. «

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June 2015 Church & State

Left Behind

The Growing Battle Over Religious 'Refusals'—And How Americans United Plans To Respond

June 2015 Church & State

Courtroom Clash

Supreme Court Takes Up Issues Of Same-Sex Marriage In Historic Argument

June 2015 Church & State

Same-Sex Scare Tactics: No, Churches Won’t Be Forced To Marry Gays

None of the Religious Right’s arguments against marriage equality are particularly strong, but some are much worse than others. Here’s the weakest one: Clergy will be forced to officiate at same-sex weddings. The far right has been shopping this one aro

May 2015 Church & State

Marriage Madness

Infuriated Over The Spread Of Same-Sex Marriage, Far-Right Legislators And Their Religious Right Allies Plot Contingency Plans