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Americans United leads the fight against Religious Right groups that seek to tear down the wall of separation between church and state. We counter Religious Right misinformation campaigns, expose their radical agenda and battle their schemes in legislative halls and courtrooms.

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July/August 2016 Church & State

Sooner State Showdown

Oklahoma Voters Set To Decide Fate Of State Constitution's Religious Freedom Clause

July/August 2016 Church & State

Unholy Alliance?

Once Wary, Religious Right Groups Now Race To Embrace Donald Trump

July/August 2016 Church & State

Awkward Dance 

Evangelicals And The Appeal Of Donald Trump  (Web Exclusive)

June 2016 Church & State

The Eagle Has Crash Landed

Coup Attempt Leaves The Future Of One Of The Nation's Oldest Religious Right Groups In Doubt

May 2016 Church & State

Homegrown Hate

On The Fringes Of The Far Right Sit Groups That Use Faith To Justify Violent Extremism

March 2016 Church & State

Shredding The First Amendment?

Religious Right Groups Hope A Dispute Over Recycled Tires In Missouri Will Blow A Hole In The Wall Of Separation Between Church And State

March 2016 Church & State

States of Rebellion

Prodded By Religious Right Groups, Legislatures Around The Country Are Trying New Schemes To Block Marriage Equality