Mo. Official Takes Down Poster Dedicated To Jesus

A Greene County, Mo., official has removed a religious poster from display in the lobby of his governmental office after a protest from a local citizen.

Circuit Clerk Steve Helms in July took down a poster that featured images of the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the Ten Commandments and a dedication to “the one who gave it all for us, Jesus Christ.”

TheSpringfield News-Leader reported that despite a complaint from a resident, Helms initially refused to remove the poster, telling the newspaper his “personal view of the separation of church and state is the state stays out of church. It’s fundamentally wrong to try to drive everything out of the public sector that has anything to do with religion.”

Helms said the poster was in memory of 9/11 and merely a representation of the Judeo-Christian ethics the country was founded on.

After being advised by a lawyer, however, Helms removed the poster, telling the media, “I’m disappointed in the sense that we had to take it down.”