God Made Her ‘Cultural Warrior,’ Legislator Says

God called her to be a “cultural warrior” and that’s why she takes the controversial stands that she does, an Oklahoma legislator says.

Rep. Sally Kern, a Religious Right favorite, told the Cleveland County Republican Luncheon Club Aug. 6 that God urged her to run for office.

“I started praying about whether or not the Lord wanted me to run,” Kern said, according to a report in the Norman Transcript. “And the more I prayed, the more I felt He did…And so here I am, and I’m not the typical legislator. The Lord showed me right off the bat that I’m not supposed to be. As a matter of fact, my Lord made it very clear to me that I am a cultural warrior. And you know I tried to say ‘no’ to that, too, ‘cause that’s pretty hard. But, anyway, that’s where I am.”

During the luncheon, Kern told the audience that John Adams, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson believed there was a “true” religion that formed the basis of our country and it was Christianity.

“When you study [the founders] and read what they had to say,” Kern contended, “approximately 95 percent of them were Christian, of the Christian religion, professing Jesus Christ as their savior. True freedom comes from knowing God your creator.”

Kern, a Baptist minister’s wife, is known for her strident attacks on gay people and her insistence that her version of Christianity is the only true faith.

“When I said that all religions are not equal, I mean that,” she said.