Ohio State Workers Told To Drop E-mail Preaching

An official with Ohio’s tax department has warned employees to cease adding religious messages to their e-mail postscripts.

William Cort, internal audit administrator for the Ohio Department of Taxation, in a July 25 e-mail to employees said a trend “to voice personal views as part of a salutation immediately before or after the sender’s name” must end. Cort noted in his e-mail that some of those personal asides included advice that was “sometimes religious in nature.”

The Religion News Service reported that Cort released some examples of inappropriate e-mail postscripts. One tax representative ended an e-mail with, “May God continue to bless you and keep you from all hurt, harm and danger. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.” Another employee’s e-mail postscript, read, “May the Sweet Holy Spirit Lead and Guide you all day long!”

A department spokesperson said Cort sent the advisory because employees had apparently ignored an earlier warning about attaching religious and personal views to work e-mail.