Americans Oppose ‘Christian Nation’ Amendment, Poll Finds

A nationwide poll released in late July showed strong opposition to a constitutional amendment declaring that America is a Christian nation.

That same survey, however, also revealed widespread support for teaching creationism in public schools and displaying religious symbols, such as the Ten Commandments, on public property.

The poll, conducted by a California consulting firm, found that 66 percent of Americans are against a constitutional amendment “to establish Christianity as the official religion of the United States.” Thirty-two percent favor it.

While the public at large opposed the amendment, evangelical Christians were for it. The survey found that 66 percent of evangelicals favored the proposal.

The Barna Group, an agency with a conservative religious orientation, also revealed that 79 percent oppose removing Ten Commandments displays from public buildings; 84 percent oppose removing “In God We Trust” from currency; 84 percent oppose removing “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance; and 59 percent favor teaching creationism in public schools.