Louisiana Gov. Choppers To Church, Despite Protests

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has used $225,000 in taxpayer funds during the past 20 months to travel by helicopter to churches throughout the state, the Baton Rouge Advocate reported.


Last fall, the newspaper focused on Jindal’s helicopter rides, which cost the state $1,200 an hour. At that time, the governor said he was unaware of the extent of the expense, yet according to a follow-up report, he continued to make the trips.


Although he is Roman Catholic, Jindal insists on worshipping at conservative Protestant churches 200 miles away from his Baton Rouge home. He claims he mixes these church visits with meetings with local officials throughout the state and insists these trips have nothing to do with maintaining his gubernatorial seat come next election.


Yet the governor does not attend the churches to quietly pray; he speaks during the church services, telling the same account of his conversion to Christianity that he did while campaigning.


“I’m glad he goes to church,” said Republican State Sen. Robert Adley, “but I don’t think we ought to be paying his way there.”