Turkey Touts Secular Rule In EU Bid

In an effort to bolster its bid for entry into the European Union, Turkey’s\n Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has assured EU officials that his government\n would not move the country away from its secular traditions.

Turkey has participated in many European institutions for more than 40 years,\n but its efforts to become an EU member have been arduous. Erdogan has lobbied\n for full membership status in the EU, claiming that his nation has made significant\n progress toward protecting freedom of expression and human rights.

But in September, some EU members were taken aback when Erdogan announced\n his support for a law decriminalizing adultery. His support of the proposal\n sparked ire at home and abroad, with some EU members grousing that the prime\n minister had stepped back from his public commitments to alter the nation’s\n constitution and laws promoting human rights and democracy.

In late September, The New York Times reported, Erdogan met with\n EU officials in Brussels to assure them that his party was not abandoning its\n commitment to ensuring the nation’s laws upheld secular ideals.