Colorado Official Touts Religious Jury Nullification

A county treasurer in Colorado has drawn criticism for issuing booklets for jurors laced with religious proclamations and platitudes.

The booklet, called "Citizens Rule Book," was the creation of Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall. According to The Denver Post, most of the booklets are stamped with Paschall's name and were paid for by his political allies.

The booklets, which can be obtained at the treasurer's office, promote "jury nullification," a concept that maintains that it is proper for jurors to determine whether laws or government actions are just under God's law.

"YOU ARE ABOVE THE LAW!" the booklet reads. "As a JUROR in a trial setting, when it comes to your individual vote of innocence or guilty, you truly are answerable only to GOD ALMIGHTY."

The county's attorney said he was researching whether the booklets could legally be disseminated by the government. County political and legal officials told the Post Paschall's actions were constitutionally suspect.

"I don't think it is appropriate to pass these out in the treasurer's office in the county building," a Jefferson county commissioner said.