Pizza Magnate Backs Off Catholic Town Plan

The founder of Domino’s Pizza has backpedaled on plans regarding the Catholic university and town he is helping to create in Florida.

Last year, Thomas S. Monaghan said that the town of Ave Maria and Ave Maria University would be a bastion of traditionalist Catholicism. He said the religious community would prohibit businesses from disseminating birth control, pornography and offensive cable show programs.

However, in an interview with the Associated Press in March, Monaghan claimed the town “will be open to anybody.”

“I would say I just misspoke,” Monaghan told the news service.

Monaghan and the Barron Collier Co., financiers of the town, said it would bar adult bookstores or strip clubs from opening in Ave Maria. According to Paul Marinelli, Barron Collier chief executive, the town would request, but not insist, that businesses refrain from selling provocative magazines and contraceptives.

Marinelli also said that Ave Maria would be welcoming to “synagogues as well as Baptist churches.”