New Au Director Of Field Department

Corbin Named New Au Director Of Field Department

Beth Corbin, long-time grassroots organizer for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, has been promoted to Field Director.

Corbin joined Americans United in 1998 as grassroots organizer. In that position, she reached out to and built relationships with church-state activists nationwide and helped create new AU chapters and strengthen existing ones.

During her tenure, Corbin has expanded and strengthened contacts with activists that have ultimately given AU a stronger presence in localities all over the country. Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn said Corbin’s energy and expertise at forging a stronger grassroots presence for AU made her the ideal person to lead the Field Depart­ment.

“I look forward to working with the department’s talented staff to continue nurturing our chapters and activating new ones in the following years,” Corbin said. “We are frequently finding citizens who are deeply committed to and eager to work on behalf of AU’s principles. We must continue to educate, energize and equip those individuals with the information and tools necessary to wage the important battle of preserving the First Amendment principle of church-state separation.”

Corbin noted that Rena Levin, formerly Field Department assistant and youth and campus organizer, has taken over as AU’s grassroots organizer, and that the department will soon hire a replacement to continue working with students. She also noted that Associate Field Director for Religious Outreach Cedric Harmon and Chapters Coordina­tor David Morris would continue their successful efforts nurturing contacts and making new ones in religious and secular communities alike.

“Religious Right activists are emboldened as never before and are pressuring lawmakers on the state and national levels to pass laws that advance their rigid moral agenda,” Corbin said. “We have our work cut out for us in countering a large and well-funded political machinery, but I’m confident that the passion of our members nationwide will persevere and that we will continue to reach others who will enthusiastically join our cause to protect church-state separation.”

Before her work with AU, Corbin was employed as managing editor of the National NOW Times and as a field organizer at the National Organization for Women.

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