AU Wisc. Chapter Erects Billboard Promoting Church-State Separation

The Wisconsin Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State decided to take a proactive stance in January by posting a billboard lauding church-state separation.

The billboard was erected in downtown LaCrosse and remained on display through February. Wisconsin Chapter President Skip Evans said it was part of a two-month advertising campaign.

“We wanted to start off the New Year by reminding Wisconsinites that the First Amendment is too important to be taken for granted,” Evans told the La Crosse Tribune.

The billboard reads, “Constitutional separation of church and state. The best friend religion ever had. Protect it and it will protect you.” It included the chapter’s Web site (

Hank Zumach, a member of the local chapter’s board of directors, added that the billboard is designed to get people thinking.

“The basic message is everyone should be concerned about keeping the separation of church and state,” Zumach said.

In LaCrosse, the organization has been involved in a flap over clergy-led prayers before city council meetings. Zumach said he opposes the practice.

“It’s incorporating sectarian religious beliefs into the agenda of our government,” Zumach said. “Unfortunately people of sincere religious beliefs, when they have the political power, will try to impose religious beliefs onto everyone else.”