Missouri Bishop Depicts Political Conflict Over Abortion As ‘Spiritual War’

The political battle over abortion and same-sex marriage is actually an epic struggle between the Roman Catholic Church and Satan, a bishop recently asserted.

Bishop Robert W. Finn, addressing a “Gospel of Life Convention” April 18 in Overland Park, Kan., stated bluntly, “We are at war!”

Using religiously charged language, the Kansas City, Mo., prelate said the “Church Militant” is “engaged in a constant warfare with Satan” and “human enemies” – people who are “deceived by Satan’s distortions and lies.”

Finn identified among these human enemies those “who wish to establish a path of living that contravenes God’s law: promoting abortion; unnatural substitutes for marriage, and all such distortions of true freedom.”

The bishop railed against Notre Dame University for inviting President Barack Obama to speak at the Catholic school’s graduation ceremonies, and he compared the “human lives” lost through abortion to the lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and “even the genocidal Holocaust of six millions Jews and others under the Nazi regime.”

Finn called on his flock to “put the abortionist out of business” and enact laws that impose the church’s teaching on abortion.

On AU’s blog, “The Wall of Separation,” Director of Communications Joseph L. Conn accused Finn of employing “highly intemperate language” and said the bishop seeks to impose the church’s vision into law on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

“Debate on these topics is understandably vigorous and often contentious,” Conn observed. “But when a leader of one faith tradition begins to dismiss those who disagree (including apparently the president of the United States) as pawns of Satan, democratic dialogue breaks down. When that religious leader characterizes those who differ with him about a political matter as ‘human enemies,’ the bonds of civil society are stretched to the breaking point.”