Afghan Woman Executed For Adultery

Afghan authorities arrested a group of men who are accused of stoning a woman to death for committing adultery.

In late April, six people including the victim’s father were arrested according to Afghan Interior Minister Lutfullah Mashal, Agence France-Presse reported.

The minister said the men would be taken to the nation’s capital, Kabul, to be put on trial.

An official in the northeastern province of Badakhshan said he had received numerous reports that the woman, Amina, had been stoned to death for adultery on the order of a religious leader.

In an investigative piece in The Washington Post, the woman’s mother said she did not grieve over her daughter’s brutal murder.

“My daughter was a criminal and a sinner who brought dishonor on my name,” the woman told the Post reporter.

Although Afghanistan’s newly adopted constitution calls for equal rights for women, much of the nation remains ruled by provincial leaders who enforce strict Islamic laws.