Delay Tells Magazine He’s On A Mission From God To Save GOP

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay believes God has sent him on a mission to save the Republican Party.

DeLay made the unusual assertion during a recent interview with The New Yorker.

 “God has spoken to me,” DeLay told the magazine. “I listen to God, and what I’ve heard is that I’m supposed to devote myself to rebuilding the conservative base of the Republican Party, and I think we shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Reflecting on the GOP’s loss of the House and Senate in November, DeLay said being on the outs may not be such a bad thing.

“I see this as a cleansing process, where you can return to your principles, which are order, justice, and freedom – the basic principles of the conservative movement,” he said. “We have to redefine government based on conservative principles, we have to win the war against our culture, and we have to win the war on terror.”

DeLay, who is currently under indictment in Texas for money laundering, was forced by party leaders to give up his seat after being bogged down in ethics scandals. During his tenure as majority leader, DeLay was known as “The Hammer” for his take-no-prisoners style. He was notorious for his extreme partisanship and philosophy of winning at any cost.

DeLay was a great favorite of the Religious Right and often appeared at meetings of groups like the Christian Coalition and the Family Research Council. He recently authored a book titled No Retreat, No Surrender and has been making public and media appearances to promote it.

In other news about the Religious Right:

• Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich attacked “the growing culture of radical secularism” during a commencement speech at Liberty University May 19.

“A growing culture of radical secularism declares that the nation cannot profess the truths on which it was founded,” Gingrich said. “We are told that our public schools can no longer invoke the creator, nor proclaim the natural law nor profess the God-given quality of human rights.”

The Associated Press reported that Gingrich blasted rulings by judges up­holding church-state separation, telling the crowd, “Too often, the courts have been biased against religious believers. This anti-religious bias must end.”

• The collapse of the Alabama chapter of the Christian Coalition last year has sparked a battle that is playing out in court.

In August of 2006, John Giles, head of the Alabama Christian Coalition, decided the national group was losing relevance and jumped ship. Giles formed a new organization, Christian Action Alabama. The Christian Coalition re­sponded by forming a new Alabama chapter. Its leader, Randy Brinson, contends that Giles absconded with assets and a mailing list that rightfully belongs to the Christian Coalition.

The Associated Press reported that the matter has ended up in state court. The news agency also noted that tensions between the two groups escalated recently when they split over a bill in the Alabama legislature dealing with legalized gambling.