E. Mallary Binns, Friend Of Freedom

We note with sadness the recent death of a long-time advocate for church-state separation and a member of the Americans United family.

The Rev. E. Mallary Binns, a former Americans United staff member, died Jan. 17 at the age of 80 at his home in Fairfax, Va. A Baptist minister, Mr. Binns worked at Americans United from 1969 until 1986, serving first as director of public relations, then director of operations and finally as director of development. At his retirement in 1986, Mr. Binns was recognized for his years of service to AU during a national conference of the organization in Alexandria, Va.

Friends remember Mallary as easy-going and witty, with a ready reserve of stories he was always happy to share. His tenure at Americans United was marked by unflagging dedication to the cause of church-state separation. His strong belief in religious liberty sprang from his commitment to both the Constitution and his faith. Those who worked with him recall his wide array of skills and his knowledge of First Amendment issues that enabled him to serve the organization in various capacities over the years. He will be greatly missed.

In addition to his work with Americans United, he was active in Ravensworth Baptist Church in Annandale, Va., and the Scottish Rite of Masonry.

We extend our condolences to Mallary's wife Ercell and their four children.